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BVR Glass drainline system is made from borosilicate glass piping conforming to ASTM C 1053
Glass-to-glass connection is made with compression type bead-to-bead and bead-to-plain end couplings.
Coupling’s outer shell, bolt and nut is made from 300 series stainless steel.
Bead-to-plain end coupling outer shell encapsulates compression liner to prevent cold flow and ensure  leak-free joint. Inner seal ring is made of tetra-fluoroethylene. 
Underground Glass Pipe excavation shall conform to national and local plumbing codes. Bottom of trench shall consist of a minimum 4” of rock-free sand or soil, compacted and graded to provide uniform full length support. Back-fill with rock-free sand and/or soil to 12” above pipe.
When the above conditions cannot be met, please consult us.
90 Degree Long Elbow
Sweep Elbows
Straight & Eccetric Reducers
U Bend
Quarter Bend Reducer
Straight T
Single & Double Saintary T
Double Quarter Bend
Single & Double Y
Trap - P Style
Combined Y and 1/8 Bend  - Single & Double
Coupling are used for joining all sizes of glass drain pipelines and fittings. The assembly consists of stainless steel outer band with bolt and rubber compression liner with PTFE seal ring. This design ensures fast & convenient installation without the need of in-situ beading.
Couplings Bead - Bead
Coupling Bead Plain End
Please Note  :
1) The list of components mentioned in this Product Brochure is not exhaustive, but enlists the most frequently used   components. Other components are also fabricated as per need. 
2)  All components are available in 1 inch size also though not mentioned in ASTM C 1053, hence not included above.
3) All components are fabricated with quality & certified material and ensure total safety to personnel & environment.
4) We are a dedicated environment & ecology conscious enterprise and thus all our manufacturing processes ensure   totally polution-free techniques.
5) Ask for our Brochure for Process  / Engineered Glass Systems for your Industrial Production and R&D Needs.
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