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We have an established network of representatives / associates round the globe through which we can manage your international marketing operations in an efficient manner. Trying to establish a marketing infrastructure in various country can be an expensive and cumbersome proposition. We offer our services at a fraction of cost, plus provide local support to clients. Clients can determine the scope of work they need from us.

In the present era of cut-throat global competition it becomes essential to get the best value for money deals in your purchase. The mantra now is bottom-line management, which can be controlled by adopting the best procurement practices. We can help you in this aspect tremendously as we have access and professional tie-up with manufacturers in India who can produce quality products at the best value for money! Whether your need is for operational items (spares) or brand new assemblies/products we can procure it for you at a reasonable cost to you. Our Procurement group will use its network of suppliers to promptly respond to you and your client's needs. We will make sure that the item you ordered is the item that is delivered.

BVR offers the following training programs for our clients :

Sales technique training for b2b markets
Managing an effective sales team
Manage Sales for growth
Maintaining customer relationships for long term
Managing an effective Customer Service Group
Developing an effective marketing plan

In many organizations today, the Sales Managers and Sales Directors are busy developing and holding on to the client base and do not have the time to train their ever growing sales force. We can offer training to individuals as well as your team or key members in your organization. The seminars are specifically designed for your organization and its needs.

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