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BVR is a professionally managed ISO 9001 Certified enterprise and has a range of multifarious business lines namely

General & strategic management consultancy for SMEs

Design, Fabrication, Detail Engineering, Supply & Installation of Process equipments/plants made up of corrosion resistant Borosilicate Glass, Fluoropolymers (PTFE, FEP, PFA, PP, etc), Silcon Carbide SiC, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys (Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel, etc) and Exotic metals (Ta, Nb, Ti, etc.) for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries for production, R&D and laboratory usage, these products are available with CE marking designed & manufactured as per the relevant directives & norms of CE ; Process design & engineering for Solvent & Acid recovery (Hydrochloric acid, Sulphuric, Nitric acid concentration CNA SAC plants), Bromine Recovery, Absorption of industrial gases NOx, SOx, HCl, HBr, Chlorine Cl2 , VOC recovery from liquid & gas / air streams , HCl Gas Generation, Sulphuric acid & Hydrochloric acid regeneration from small scale steel rolling mills, Sulphuric acid dilution & coolers ;

Electrical/Instrumentation & Engineering items, Electrical panels & switchboards

General trading in the International market. Professionally dedicated expert personnel with the right expertise serve our esteemed clientele.


General & strategic management consultancy for SMEs. This includes diversification issues, organisational structure & behaviour, HRM, executive facilitation & training, value based management issues, Marketing, etc.

We specialize in design, fabrication, engineering, installation & commissioning of Process equipments & Plants (including Pilot / Mini plants & Teaching units) meant for the chemical, pharmaceutical industries. All the equipments are designed, fabricated, selected, tested & installed as per prevalent international standards like ASME Section VIII Division 1, ISO & relevant European Norms like ISO 3585, 3586, EN BS 1595, AD 2000 Merkblatt etc. and Sound Engineering Practices (SEP). We provide total lifecycle management of the units from designing, engineering, installation, commissioning & spare part supplies. Our units can be supplied with the most advanced real-time automation systems like SCADA.
Moreover the corrosion resistant pilot assemblies & equipments made up of Borosilicate 3.3 Glass are available with CE Marking ; designed & made in compliance with the relevant directives namely - The PED - 97/23/EC , The Machine Directive - 98/37/EC , The European Low Voltage Directive - 73/23/EEC , The EMC Directive - 89/336/EEC.

Glass Drainline Piping for acid, waste & vent.

We specialize in providing turnkey solutions for solvent and acid recovery & concentration systems, pollution abatement packages. General consultancy & tailormade solutions for efficiency & yield improvement for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries.


We specialize in design, manufacture and testing of LV Switchboards, Bus Trunking, Medium Voltage Switchboards, PLC Control panels & system design.

B2B (Industrial/Institutional) marketing for marketing products in India.
Sourcing from the Indian Market like Fine & Speciality Chemicals, Cosmetics, Engineering items,   Fabrication Jobwork etc.
Joint Venture operations with Indian business / Manufacturing houses for B2B marketing to Industries /   Institutions in the domestic as well as the international market.
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